Bookplate is a project that conceptualizes the future of the ebook and notions of wear and sentimentality in
e-reading technologies.

Bookplate: Annotations for the Active Reader
a project in collaboration with Emanuel Ilagan

As a part of the Enhanced Ebook senior level course taught by Celeste Martin at Emily Carr University we were asked to consider the future of ebooks. Bookplate is a ereading platform that: Imports .ePub formatted files Give the ability to attach metadata through multiple forms of media to provide the ability to export annotations into a contained file format We took into considerations notions of wear and sentimentality and how often a critique of ebooks is that the digital medium loses those attachments. Drawing inspiration from the annotations in an old book given to me by my grandmother we worked to conceptualize a reading system that takes epubs and uses metadata to create a sense
of emotional annotation.