The Joint was a year long thesis project, that evaluated and rebranded marijuana culture. 


Problem Space

The images, stereotypes, and stigmas that pot culture has cultivated and continues to perpetuate tends to suffocate effective conversation relating to marijuana. Important work and discourse that must happen during the move to legalize marijuana tends to get snuffed out due to long propagated ‘stoner’ or ‘420’ culture.


Through brand, and promoting discourse + education my project aims to promote a culture that engages in and enables a constructive dialogue around marijuana. This intends to deconstruct the current stereotypes and stigmas associated with marijuana, in order to encourage the promotion of accurate information and the sharing of personal experiences.

The Joint

The Joint is a community hub that facilitates a new conversation around marijuana and marijuana culture. Through creating an experience that sparks engaging discussion, collaboration, and education, it is our aim to cut through the haze of the current view of marijuana. The Joint is in favour of promoting a better, more informed and constructive understanding of marijuana.